2020 Wall Calendars

2020 calendar printing Johannesburg

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Proxel International is also known for printing quality  wall calendars, desktop calendars, tent calendars, triangle calendars printing  Johannesburg and it’s environs. The wall calendar consists of a one sheet which certainly carries all the months of the year and a given image and information.  From the client, this calendar is best used for advertising, and also personal use to showcase any type of image and Company’s logo.  Therefore, this type of calendar comes in so many different size which are A3, A2 and A1. Needless to say, clients have variety of options. Furthermore, our calendars offer space to showcase any type of image with a great view.

2020 Wall calendars

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2020 calendar printing Johannesburg


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Not only do we assist with 2020 Calendar printing,  cheap 2020 calendar  printing, 2020 wall calendar printing, but also also 2020 Triangle Calendar Printing  and  7 page 2020 calendar printing. Additionally, we do 2020 12 page tent calendar printing, 2020 desktop calendar printing, A2 desk pad and planner calendar printing.

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