Flyer printing companies: All you need to know.

Over the past years, there has been a drastic decrease in flyer printing that has aroused the assumption that flyers printing is dead. However, today flyer printing companies print flyers from demand. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the effectiveness of flyers.

What are flyer printing companies?

Flyer printing companies are companies that print flyers for sale or on-demand. Flyers are also known as pamphlets or leaflets. The primary core of flyers is to spread messages.

Types of Flyers.

There are 3 common types of flyers. 

Corporate Flyers

These flyers are ideal for brand awareness. Most companies use flyers to share necessary information about their services and products with their prospective clients. These flyers contain dozens of information that are presented clearly and compellingly.

Flyer ads

These types of flyers contain messages that are easy to read. Flyer ads have information about new products/ services or upcoming events and deadlines.

Photo-centric Flyers

These types of flyers are characterized by bright colors and images. The bright colors help by attracting the target audience to read. The colors also help to explain the activities to expect at an event. 

Flyer printing companies offer customized flyer printing services. This means a customer has a right to design his or her flyers. This has however improved the effectiveness of flyers. Flyers are now designed in an appealing way to attract customers. If you are in the fashion industry, an appealing flyer is the one with bright colors because captures the reader’s attention.

Flyer sizes vary from A1 to A6. When choosing the best flyers from your business, it is wise that you should consider knowing what your prospective client’s taste is.

 The most common size is A6. But worldwide the standard flyers are usually the size of 8.5 x 11 inches or 148 mm x 105mm. 

Small format flyers are the most effective. Because they contain direct and simple words that do not overwhelm your audience. And they are also favorable because of their sizes.

Flyer printing prices vary. But the best flyer printing company offers cheap flyer printing services.

Printing companies use modern inkjet printing machines for flyer printing. The printer can handle short runs averaging from 50 one-page flyers.

Printing companies use a variety of papers to make flyers. However, they differ in texture, appearance, and the impact they make on the target audience. Below I have listed materials that are used in flyer printing.


This paper is a combination of gloss and matte. It is not shiny but durable and soft. And the paper has a silk coating. This makes it ideal for flyer printing.


Bond papers are durable and strong. They are ideal for letterheads and postcards and at times flyers.

Watermarked papers.

These are classic types of papers that give a reader a sense of luxury. They are ideal for flyers distributed from business to business.

What are flyers used for?

  • Flyers are used for event announcements.
  • Flyers spread brand awareness.
  • Flyers are used as handouts on tradeshows etc.
  • Flyers are also used for promotion campaigns.
  • Flyers are also used to mobilize people, for example, a political rally. 
  • Flyers are used to alert people over a certain pandemic or disaster, for example, health flyers.
  • Flyers are used to educate people about a new aspect.

Why are flyers effective?

Flyers effective because they are pieces of paper that contain information. They reach the audience fast, even to that audience you never expected that they will opt for your services.

Flyers are a great piece to raise awareness. They spread information completely. They share information on upcoming events, trending services.

Flyers are creative. The way how your flyers are printed makes an impact on your customer’s decision. If your flyers are beautifully designed, they capture the audience’s attention.

Flyers are a powerful form of advertising. They are tangible. This makes it easy for customers to recommend your services to other customers.

Flyers can also be used as promotional items. Like adding discounted vouchers and coupons to lure your prospective clients into buying. Moreover, if you use a flyer as an incentive it grabs the audience quickly.

 Flyer distribution

There are several ways to distribute flyers and these include;

  • Door to door dropping
  •  Newspaper 
  • Street distribution
  • Instore distribution

What information should be put on flyers?

  • title
  • Branded company logo
  • brief information on the goal of the flyers/ text/ detail
  • images and color
  • clear fonts and spacing
  • call to action (CTA)

Below I have compelled few images of flyers.

Flyer Printing Companies
Flyers Printing Designs
Flyer Printing Companies
Flyers Printing Designs
Flyer Printing Companies 2
Flyer Printing Companies

Dear reader, are you looking for a flyer printing company? 

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Print marketing is dead. Is this true?

One day, I walked into a noisy debate club hall. I was in high school by then. My head turned. And I spotted a chubby guy at the far end of the hall. I headed towards him, curious to know what had caused such an uproar. Before I could speak to him, he shouted in a hoarse voice, ‘Print marketing is dead!’

Is print marketing dead? Did he shout the truth?

No! Print marketing is alive. Today in this article, we are to discuss in brief facts about print marketing.

But first, let’s know the basic knowledge of print marketing. 

What is Print Marketing?

Print Marketing is a model of advertisement that uses prints to outreach to targeted audiences. It is also known as Print Media and Print Advertising.

Print Marketing uses newspapers, flyers, business cards, posters, and many more. However, nowadays marketers also use mobile devices, social media, and blogs to advertise. All thanks to digital technology.

Print Marketing
Print Marketing

Types of Print Marketing


Newspapers are an effective way of marketing. However, newspaper ads are not attractive, they are simple and straight to the point. They are usually found in a column where all newspaper adverts are displayed. Such that clients who read them out usually target audience. Because they already have an interest in what the advert is offering


Magazine adverts are compelling short pieces of information. These adverts are fit locally. They contain luring messages that are capable to attract new customers to buy. A magazine advert is usually gorgeous if it is illustrated with high-quality images and color. The magazine is usually glossy prints.


Posters adverts are outdoor displays. The large prints contain brief messages of your business services, upcoming events. They are ideal for brand recognition because they are displayed in the public. Posters need to have good graphic designs, large fonts, and high-quality images to make an impression on a pass-by. People are busy, and no one has a specific time to listen to you. So make your posters in a way that will seduce people to read them.

Direct mails

These adverts are in form of letters, postcards, and flyers. They are sent through the mail to a small group of targeted audiences. However, to send these, you should have a mailing list.

Product packaging

One might not view this as an advert. But they are minor marketing tools that state the advantages of using a product or what the product is about.

 Advantages of Print Marketing 

  • Print adverts are credible. People tend to trust print adverts more than digital adverts. The internet is full of crap information and this makes online adverts create hesitation. How true is this online advert? ‘79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads’
  • Print adverts have a long life span. For example, banners are durable and last long while digital marketing adverts expire and there is a need to renew them.
  • Print adverts are cost-effective. Unlike digital marketing, where you have to hire a marketing company or maybe sign a contract. And pay, pay and pay. Flyers for example are printed once and there is no need for renewal. Digital technology has made printing prices drop because most people are opting for digital marketing. If you are looking for a marketing campaign, this is the best time to opt for print media because it is cheap.
  • Print adverts are tangible. This makes it easy for the audience to recommend to one another.
  • Print adverts are more direct and engaging. Your prospective clients don’t have to search through your words to understand what you are trying to tell them. If it is peanuts for sale then that’s it.

Though some sources say print marketing is for small businesses, I believe that print media is effective for both small businesses and large business corporations. But the fact that print media is economical makes it favorable to businesses with low marketing budgets.

Print Marketing is along the way from being dead. The versatility of prints and the security that it offers resist corrosion. 

Moreover, the introduction of digital technology has improved print media. Printing machines are now advanced and they help printing companies to offer fast turnaround. Even the quality of prints has drastically improved from the 90s. Digital printing machines are like laser printers produced high-quality images.

Print marketing is still alive because it has had a long life span. Print media started in 1477 by William Caxton. When the first newspaper advert was published. Till then it has skyrocketed.

Print marketing is still an active way to help businesses reach their prospective customers.

Even though the world is facing an overwhelming intervention of digital technology, print is a vital tool for creating communication. For example, printed postcards.

The dear reader is what do you think about print marketing? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below

How To Choose A Business Card Printing Company

Business card printing companies in Johannesburg

Choosing a business card printing company online can be daunting at times. It’s not like you have to sit all day, scrolling up and down trying to spot the right business card printing company. You have to set goals you want to achieve from your printing project and how much you are willing to pay, among other facts.

In this post, I am going to show you how to choose the best business card printing in Johannesburg, but, firstly, we have to know the basics of a business card printing company.

What are business cards?

Business cards are pocket-sized cards bearing a company’s contact details or an individual’s name and contact information. The primary core of business cards is to create a connection between business to business or business to the client.

What is a Business Card Printing Company?

A business card printing company is a company that prints business cards for sale or upon hiring. 

What is the purpose of business card printing?

Today we are in a digital world, and business cards are taken for granted because technology has given us access to the internet.

However, the internet is a playground for many people like me(i mean the other me ). And it contains toxic information that sometimes may deceive us and seem helpful. Search engines are working tirelessly to stop scammers from misleading the public while scammers are improving their knowledge deep to deceive people and search engines. Nevertheless, one needs to be careful when choosing who to listen to when online.

However, the case is different with printed business cards.

  • Business cards are tangible. Tangibility offers a sense of security.
  • Business cards are brand builders. They carry a summary of your company’s information and your branded logo. And this is enough to convince a customer who has already been looking for services like yours to contact you.
  • Business cards are cost-effective. They are print once, and they don’t need to be reprinted again. 
  • Business cards are a great marketing tool. They are portable cards that have the power to create communication between a company and its clients.

I still haven’t answered the question right? What is the purpose of business card printing companies?

Their purpose is to ensure that the functionality of the business cards is intact. A bit complex? Let me clarify.

The existence of business card printing companies helps small businesses or any other companies to maintain a constant supply of demanded business cards.

What information should be on business cards?

  1. Name of the company
  2. Logo
  3. Tagline
  4. Website
  5. Contact details
  6. Your name or a senior employee of the company.
  7. Your job title or a senior employee’s job title

How to choose the best business card printing company in Johannesburg

Business card printing prices

The best printing company offers cheap business card printing. It offers an affordable price without poking at the quality or quantity of prints. You should not exceed the budget you set aside for your printing project. A good printing company wouldn’t let you strain your finances. However, when you choose a business card printing company, make sure you have set boundaries on how much you are willing to pay. 

Business cards quality  

I know that I may sound absurd on this one because almost everyone knows about quality. But check the quality of prints that the business card printing company offers.

Where do you check them? Check them online on their website or visit their brick-and-mortar shop. However, this helps you to decide if the prints they offer will help you to achieve a goal you have set. The best company is the one that grants you high-quality business card printing.

Business card designs.

There are several business card designs. Check the images below. Business card designs vary in shape, size, and color. It is wise to check and choose a desirable business card design that will suit your customer’s style. For example, if you are into the fashion and design industry, your business cards should contain a bit of color this aids in explaining your business more than you can.

Business cards design
business cards designs
Business cards design 2
Business cards designs
Business cards designs

Business card sizes

The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. However, this varies because most business cards are customized. In South Africa, most business cards are 90 mm x 50 mm or 85 mm x 55mm.

Business card printing company proximity

I know on this one, I might speak a bunch of noons sees but choosing a business card printing company near you is crucial. While communication between you and your business card printing company is vital, the proximity is because you can access their brick-and-mortar shop to make sure they are working on your project.

Business card printing company turnaround.

That is a non-arguable matter. The best company is that one that offers a fast turnaround. But before you choose a business card printing company, check their turnaround time, and see if it accommodates your expectations. You wouldn’t like to wait for your order while you have an upcoming trade show event you need to attend.

Business card printing machines.

Mainly business cards are demanded on volumes averaging from medium and high. Hence high-volume machines are used to print them. Printing machines like laser printers are capable of business cards.

There are several free business card design applications online. If you have a pending business card printing, choose a business card software that suits your taste and style.

There are several business card designs, and in this article, I have combined a few unique business cards that I found online. And I thought they might be useful and inspire you.

Dear reader, below I have compiled a shortlist of business card printing companies in Johannesburg for you for free. Remember to make the best choices for your business.

  • Printspot
  • Proxel International
  • We Print 247
  • Fast Printers
  • Color Printing
  • Digital Printing In Johannesburg
  • Calendar Printing
  • Book Printing and many more printing companies in Johannesburg.

Printing Companies: how to choose the best

Printing Companies: how to choose the best

Over the past decades, printing companies have multiplied like grasshoppers upon the face of earth. However, this makes it complicated for businesses and clients to choose the best printing company. Today, in this blog, I will show you how to pick the best printing institution.

Before we get in-depth, let’s first know what a printing company is and what it does.

What is a printing company?

A printing company is an institute that provides printing services like calendar printing and diary printing and operates printing presses. 

Below I have compelled a shortlist of the best printing companies in South Africa. However, it is important to note that in this blog, printing companies are ranked with their prominence.

Best printing companies in South Africa


We Print 247

Calendar Printing

Magazine Printing

Color Printing

Fast Printers

Diaries For Sale

Book Printing

Digital Printing In Johannesburg

Proxel International

There are several types of printing. But in this article, I am going to brief a few of them( the common types of printing).

Types of printing companies

Lithography printing companies

What are lithography printing companies?

Lithography printing companies are companies that print based on the fact that oil and water never mix. An image is applied on a flat surface called lithographic limestone (or a metal plate). The image is then traced and painted on the limestone(metal plate). It will then resist water and acquire ink.

As complex as it may sound, litho printing is one of the best printing techniques because it produces high volumes of prints.

Types of Lithography printing companies

Calendar printing corporations

  • There are different types of calendars, that include wall calendars, desk calendars, CD calendars, and many more calendars. These calendars vary in sizes that usually range from 880 x 594mm, to 574 x 153mm or even less. Good printing companies should provide affordable calendar printing prices.

Book printing companies

  • The main goal of these companies is to print textbooks, invoices, and bind books with combo binding among others. However, reliable book printing companies provide their customer with cheap book printing prices. And high-quality printed books.

Folder printing companies

  • Good Folder printing companies offer branded presentation folders. These folders are customized from large A5 to pocket-size folders. The best folders are branded, printed in color (CYMK).

Business cards printing

  • The best business card printing companies offer high-quality business cards, finished with any of the 5 business card finishes. With a volume averaging from 500 prints to more.
business card printing company
business card printing company

 Flyers printing companies 

  • An ideal company prints flyers offers custom printed flyers that vary in sizes from;3.5″ x 8.5″ ,5.5″ x 8.5″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, 11″ x 25.5″ ,and Custom Sizes. It offers affordable flyer printing prices that do not starin the cutomers printing buget.

Poster Printing companies

  • Poster sizes average from A3, A0, A1, and A2. The best printing company in South Africa delivers posters made from high-quality materials like gloss and matte.

Diary Printing companies

  • They offer a range of diaries from corporate diaries to customized diaries to suit the consumer style. These diaries are often branded to increase customer awareness. Diary printing use printing machines such as XIS ACEJET 600V.

Digital Printing Companies

What are Digital Printing Companies?

Digital Printing Companies are companies that offer digital printing services. Digital Printing is the professional printing from desktop to other digital sources (small volume to high volume formats). This means there is no need for metal plates. Digital printing is of much interest because it provides full-color prints on fast delivery.

Let’s take a peek at Digital Printing Companies types.

  • Calendar Printing companies
  •  Book printing companies
  •  Folders printing companies
  •  Business cards printing companies
  •  Flyers printing companies
  •  Poster printing companies
  •  Diary printing companies

These companies offer the same print service as that of litho printing. However, the difference between litho(offset) and digital is the process, the printing machine, and the delivery time. However, if you are looking to decide which is the best between the two, then click here and read my blog about digital printing and lithography printing.

Large Format Printing Companies

What are Large Format Printing Companies?

Large Format Printing companies are companies that handle large format projects with specialized machines that accommodate larger printing formats such as banners, large maps, and many more.

Large format printing enables printers to make large prints while managing quality and clarity.

Type of Large Printing Companies

Canvas Printing Companies

Indoor displays

  • Canvas Printing companies offer wall display, hexagon canvas, lip photo canvas only to mention a few. The best companies provide affordable canvas printing services, fast delivery, and a range of canvas sizes.
  • Canvas sizes include A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, 1500 x1000 and 2000 x 1000

Promotional Counter Printing Companies

  • These companies offer a variety of product like branded table wrap and many more

Banner Printing Companies

  • These are offered in a diversity which include pull-up banners, x frame, banner walls. 

Nevertheless, Large format Printing companies also make Table Cloths

Foldable Tables, Rubber Mouse Pads, Mouse Pads, Hanging Banners, Indoor Flag Stands, Hand-Held Flags, Poster Frames, and Brochure Stands.

Outdoor displays

Outdoor displays are materials put outside to spread the message to the public and attract customers to visit your brick-and-mortar shop.

Before I had mentioned something about brand recognition? Yes. Outdoor displays help brand recognition. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the types of outdoor displays.

Branded Gazebo Printing Companies

  • Gazebos are lightweight structures used to create shade. Branded Gazebos are ideal, especially during tradeshows. The best Gazebo printing companies probably offer a series of custom branded gazebos that differ in size.
Gazebo printing companies

Banners Printing Companies

Companies print different types of banners that include:

  • Sharkfin Banners
  • Telescopic Banners
  • Pop Up Banners
  • PVC Banners
  • A-Frame Banners
  • Street Pole Banners
  • Curved Banners

In most cases printing companies that offer banner printing also offer other outdoor displays. These include 

  • Flags, for example, Bunting String Flags
  • Car Magnets
  • Cluster Flag Stands
  • Correx Boards.

Let’s take a look at the last type of printing.

Screen Printing Companies

What are Screen Printing Companies?

Screen Printing Companies are businesses that use mesh to transfer ink into abstract except for the areas where the stencil is impermeable.

Types of Screen Printing 

The most famous type of screen printing is T-shirt printing. That is the type we are going to address.

T-shirt Printing Companies

  • A good printing company offers cheap, bulk, and branded T-shirts. These t-shirts are a spotlight for your business. For affordable T-shirt printing click here. 

To sum up, whenever you want to choose the best printing company, first take a look at the price they offer, the type of quality they produce, their delivery time and their reputation.

T shirt printing companies

Still have a question?

Comment and I will reply to you.