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Come prepared for every conference and impress your clients with your own printed presentation folders. At Printspot, we create high quality presentation folders that really exude your company’s professional image. Order yours for your next presentation!

  • Printed on 300gsm sustainable carton
  • Available with 1mm or 5mm spine
  • Available from just 25 Presentation Folders
  • Full Color Printing
  • With files pocket and a business card slot

A4 Presentation Folder Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an A4 Presentation Folder?

First impressions count. Having your documents stored neatly within a presentation folder gives the impression of structure, professionalism and planning. A well-designed presentation folder will ensure that your prospective client holds onto it and more than likely will refer you to other prospective clients, even if they may not need your services at this moment in time. The impact that a presentation folder has on a first impression cannot be stressed enough.

Can I have two flaps for the documents?

Yes, we can create a diecut for you that would hold two flaps. You can then have documents in the left and right pockets.

Is it possible to request a slightly different shape on my A4 Presentation Folder?

Yes, we can create a custom diecut for your folder. The new diecut will cost extra from a design point of view.

I need to put a lot of documents in my A4 Folder. How many documents will it handle?

We can increase the gusset (the spine) width of the die cut to 5mm or more to allow for more documents. You should be able to put up to 50 A4 documents in a folder with an expanded gusset.

How quickly can an A4 Folder be designed and printed? I’m in a hurry!

We can get the first design draft out to you in 1 to 2 business days. It then depends on how quick and detailed your feedback is on the A4 folder design. Once it is signed off then it would generally take about 3 days minimum to have A4 folder professionally printed. You could have it printed quicker, but it would like have a solid drop in quality. So it will likely take a minimum of 4 business days to have a folder in your hands.

I would like something flashy on my A4 presentation folder. What options are there?

You could have print effects included onto your folder, such as gold/silver foiling, embossing that slightly lifts the paper upwards, special cuts, UV spot varnishing and more. The printing costs could exponentially explode with some of these options, so rather make sure if they are really worth it for the purpose of that folder. We can put you in contact with a printer company that can give you a quotation on the folder print effects. We can then create the designs that incorporate the placement of those elements within the design.

Should I add company profile information within the A4 folder design itself?

We suggest keeping the design simple. The folder flaps already includes the ability to hold additional information in the form of brochures or individual pages. Company level information may change quite often and you do not want to be caught in a situation where you need to reprint hundreds of folders because a sentence needs restructuring.