Print marketing is dead. Is this true?

Print Marketing

One day, I walked into a noisy debate club hall. I was in high school by then. My head turned. And I spotted a chubby guy at the far end of the hall. I headed towards him, curious to know what had caused such an uproar. Before I could speak to him, he shouted in a hoarse voice, ‘Print marketing is dead!’

Is print marketing dead? Did he shout the truth?

No! Print marketing is alive. Today in this article, we are to discuss in brief facts about print marketing.

But first, let’s know the basic knowledge of print marketing. 

What is Print Marketing?

Print Marketing is a model of advertisement that uses prints to outreach to targeted audiences. It is also known as Print Media and Print Advertising.

Print Marketing uses newspapers, flyers, business cards, posters, and many more. However, nowadays marketers also use mobile devices, social media, and blogs to advertise. All thanks to digital technology.

Print Marketing
Print Marketing

Types of Print Marketing


Newspapers are an effective way of marketing. However, newspaper ads are not attractive, they are simple and straight to the point. They are usually found in a column where all newspaper adverts are displayed. Such that clients who read them out usually target audience. Because they already have an interest in what the advert is offering


Magazine adverts are compelling short pieces of information. These adverts are fit locally. They contain luring messages that are capable to attract new customers to buy. A magazine advert is usually gorgeous if it is illustrated with high-quality images and color. The magazine is usually glossy prints.


Posters adverts are outdoor displays. The large prints contain brief messages of your business services, upcoming events. They are ideal for brand recognition because they are displayed in the public. Posters need to have good graphic designs, large fonts, and high-quality images to make an impression on a pass-by. People are busy, and no one has a specific time to listen to you. So make your posters in a way that will seduce people to read them.

Direct mails

These adverts are in form of letters, postcards, and flyers. They are sent through the mail to a small group of targeted audiences. However, to send these, you should have a mailing list.

Product packaging

One might not view this as an advert. But they are minor marketing tools that state the advantages of using a product or what the product is about.

 Advantages of Print Marketing 

  • Print adverts are credible. People tend to trust print adverts more than digital adverts. The internet is full of crap information and this makes online adverts create hesitation. How true is this online advert? ‘79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads’
  • Print adverts have a long life span. For example, banners are durable and last long while digital marketing adverts expire and there is a need to renew them.
  • Print adverts are cost-effective. Unlike digital marketing, where you have to hire a marketing company or maybe sign a contract. And pay, pay and pay. Flyers for example are printed once and there is no need for renewal. Digital technology has made printing prices drop because most people are opting for digital marketing. If you are looking for a marketing campaign, this is the best time to opt for print media because it is cheap.
  • Print adverts are tangible. This makes it easy for the audience to recommend to one another.
  • Print adverts are more direct and engaging. Your prospective clients don’t have to search through your words to understand what you are trying to tell them. If it is peanuts for sale then that’s it.

Though some sources say print marketing is for small businesses, I believe that print media is effective for both small businesses and large business corporations. But the fact that print media is economical makes it favorable to businesses with low marketing budgets.

Print Marketing is along the way from being dead. The versatility of prints and the security that it offers resist corrosion. 

Moreover, the introduction of digital technology has improved print media. Printing machines are now advanced and they help printing companies to offer fast turnaround. Even the quality of prints has drastically improved from the 90s. Digital printing machines are like laser printers produced high-quality images.

Print marketing is still alive because it has had a long life span. Print media started in 1477 by William Caxton. When the first newspaper advert was published. Till then it has skyrocketed.

Print marketing is still an active way to help businesses reach their prospective customers.

Even though the world is facing an overwhelming intervention of digital technology, print is a vital tool for creating communication. For example, printed postcards.

The dear reader is what do you think about print marketing? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below

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