Litho Printing

Litho Printing Johannesburg
Litho Printing in Johannesburg

So where are you looking for the best Litho Printing Johannesburg? In 2014 we acquired a Litho Machine and that partly completed part of our vision of two litho machines in five years dating from 2012. Today we still have a mission of attaining more and more bigger machines and with time. Litho printing is also faster than digital printing during the print process. Litho printing works out cheaper when it comes to producing a large amount of print.

With our Litho printing services you are most certainly guaranteed:

  • Amazing Image quality: Excellent image quality with low cost as compared to any other printing service there is.
  • Affordable Prices: Basically you get more for your money large volumes of prints at really low costs whether your printing Books, Magazines, Stationary, Postcard or even your Business cards you get a great deal for your money.
  • Flexibility of Printing: With Litho printing you will definitely get to print on a wider variety of materials to fully cater to you designs. Just as long as it is a smooth and practical surface any image can be printed on it.

Quality Litho Printing

Your concerns concern us, which is why we deliver the best for you and your brand. Letralith is the go-to company for all high volume text and high quality, innovative printed marketing materials. When you’re ready to show your masterpieces to the public, our state-of-the-art web-to-print technology empowers you with professional marketing tool. With our excellent combination of oil-based inks and metal plates to transfer you images in style, with our services create as many large quantities at an even affordable price deal.

Litho Printing in Johannesburg