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business card printing company

Business card printing companies in Johannesburg

Choosing a business card printing company online can be daunting at times. It’s not like you have to sit all day, scrolling up and down trying to spot the right business card printing company. You have to set goals you want to achieve from your printing project and how much you are willing to pay, among other facts.

In this post, I am going to show you how to choose the best business card printing in Johannesburg, but, firstly, we have to know the basics of a business card printing company.

What are business cards?

Business cards are pocket-sized cards bearing a company’s contact details or an individual’s name and contact information. The primary core of business cards is to create a connection between business to business or business to the client.

What is a Business Card Printing Company?

A business card printing company is a company that prints business cards for sale or upon hiring. 

What is the purpose of business card printing?

Today we are in a digital world, and business cards are taken for granted because technology has given us access to the internet.

However, the internet is a playground for many people like me(i mean the other me ). And it contains toxic information that sometimes may deceive us and seem helpful. Search engines are working tirelessly to stop scammers from misleading the public while scammers are improving their knowledge deep to deceive people and search engines. Nevertheless, one needs to be careful when choosing who to listen to when online.

However, the case is different with printed business cards.

  • Business cards are tangible. Tangibility offers a sense of security.
  • Business cards are brand builders. They carry a summary of your company’s information and your branded logo. And this is enough to convince a customer who has already been looking for services like yours to contact you.
  • Business cards are cost-effective. They are print once, and they don’t need to be reprinted again. 
  • Business cards are a great marketing tool. They are portable cards that have the power to create communication between a company and its clients.

I still haven’t answered the question right? What is the purpose of business card printing companies?

Their purpose is to ensure that the functionality of the business cards is intact. A bit complex? Let me clarify.

The existence of business card printing companies helps small businesses or any other companies to maintain a constant supply of demanded business cards.

What information should be on business cards?

  1. Name of the company
  2. Logo
  3. Tagline
  4. Website
  5. Contact details
  6. Your name or a senior employee of the company.
  7. Your job title or a senior employee’s job title

How to choose the best business card printing company in Johannesburg

Business card printing prices

The best printing company offers cheap business card printing. It offers an affordable price without poking at the quality or quantity of prints. You should not exceed the budget you set aside for your printing project. A good printing company wouldn’t let you strain your finances. However, when you choose a business card printing company, make sure you have set boundaries on how much you are willing to pay. 

Business cards quality  

I know that I may sound absurd on this one because almost everyone knows about quality. But check the quality of prints that the business card printing company offers.

Where do you check them? Check them online on their website or visit their brick-and-mortar shop. However, this helps you to decide if the prints they offer will help you to achieve a goal you have set. The best company is the one that grants you high-quality business card printing.

Business card designs.

There are several business card designs. Check the images below. Business card designs vary in shape, size, and color. It is wise to check and choose a desirable business card design that will suit your customer’s style. For example, if you are into the fashion and design industry, your business cards should contain a bit of color this aids in explaining your business more than you can.

Business cards design
business cards designs
Business cards design 2
Business cards designs
Business cards designs

Business card sizes

The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. However, this varies because most business cards are customized. In South Africa, most business cards are 90 mm x 50 mm or 85 mm x 55mm.

Business card printing company proximity

I know on this one, I might speak a bunch of noons sees but choosing a business card printing company near you is crucial. While communication between you and your business card printing company is vital, the proximity is because you can access their brick-and-mortar shop to make sure they are working on your project.

Business card printing company turnaround.

That is a non-arguable matter. The best company is that one that offers a fast turnaround. But before you choose a business card printing company, check their turnaround time, and see if it accommodates your expectations. You wouldn’t like to wait for your order while you have an upcoming trade show event you need to attend.

Business card printing machines.

Mainly business cards are demanded on volumes averaging from medium and high. Hence high-volume machines are used to print them. Printing machines like laser printers are capable of business cards.

There are several free business card design applications online. If you have a pending business card printing, choose a business card software that suits your taste and style.

There are several business card designs, and in this article, I have combined a few unique business cards that I found online. And I thought they might be useful and inspire you.

Dear reader, below I have compiled a shortlist of business card printing companies in Johannesburg for you for free. Remember to make the best choices for your business.

  • Printspot
  • Proxel International
  • We Print 247
  • Fast Printers
  • Color Printing
  • Digital Printing In Johannesburg
  • Calendar Printing
  • Book Printing and many more printing companies in Johannesburg.

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