Flyer printing companies: All you need to know.

Flyer Printing Companies

Over the past years, there has been a drastic decrease in flyer printing that has aroused the assumption that flyers printing is dead. However, today flyer printing companies print flyers from demand. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the effectiveness of flyers.

What are flyer printing companies?

Flyer printing companies are companies that print flyers for sale or on-demand. Flyers are also known as pamphlets or leaflets. The primary core of flyers is to spread messages.

Types of Flyers.

There are 3 common types of flyers. 

Corporate Flyers

These flyers are ideal for brand awareness. Most companies use flyers to share necessary information about their services and products with their prospective clients. These flyers contain dozens of information that are presented clearly and compellingly.

Flyer ads

These types of flyers contain messages that are easy to read. Flyer ads have information about new products/ services or upcoming events and deadlines.

Photo-centric Flyers

These types of flyers are characterized by bright colors and images. The bright colors help by attracting the target audience to read. The colors also help to explain the activities to expect at an event. 

Flyer printing companies offer customized flyer printing services. This means a customer has a right to design his or her flyers. This has however improved the effectiveness of flyers. Flyers are now designed in an appealing way to attract customers. If you are in the fashion industry, an appealing flyer is the one with bright colors because captures the reader’s attention.

Flyer sizes vary from A1 to A6. When choosing the best flyers from your business, it is wise that you should consider knowing what your prospective client’s taste is.

 The most common size is A6. But worldwide the standard flyers are usually the size of 8.5 x 11 inches or 148 mm x 105mm. 

Small format flyers are the most effective. Because they contain direct and simple words that do not overwhelm your audience. And they are also favorable because of their sizes.

Flyer printing prices vary. But the best flyer printing company offers cheap flyer printing services.

Printing companies use modern inkjet printing machines for flyer printing. The printer can handle short runs averaging from 50 one-page flyers.

Printing companies use a variety of papers to make flyers. However, they differ in texture, appearance, and the impact they make on the target audience. Below I have listed materials that are used in flyer printing.


This paper is a combination of gloss and matte. It is not shiny but durable and soft. And the paper has a silk coating. This makes it ideal for flyer printing.


Bond papers are durable and strong. They are ideal for letterheads and postcards and at times flyers.

Watermarked papers.

These are classic types of papers that give a reader a sense of luxury. They are ideal for flyers distributed from business to business.

What are flyers used for?

  • Flyers are used for event announcements.
  • Flyers spread brand awareness.
  • Flyers are used as handouts on tradeshows etc.
  • Flyers are also used for promotion campaigns.
  • Flyers are also used to mobilize people, for example, a political rally. 
  • Flyers are used to alert people over a certain pandemic or disaster, for example, health flyers.
  • Flyers are used to educate people about a new aspect.

Why are flyers effective?

Flyers effective because they are pieces of paper that contain information. They reach the audience fast, even to that audience you never expected that they will opt for your services.

Flyers are a great piece to raise awareness. They spread information completely. They share information on upcoming events, trending services.

Flyers are creative. The way how your flyers are printed makes an impact on your customer’s decision. If your flyers are beautifully designed, they capture the audience’s attention.

Flyers are a powerful form of advertising. They are tangible. This makes it easy for customers to recommend your services to other customers.

Flyers can also be used as promotional items. Like adding discounted vouchers and coupons to lure your prospective clients into buying. Moreover, if you use a flyer as an incentive it grabs the audience quickly.

 Flyer distribution

There are several ways to distribute flyers and these include;

  • Door to door dropping
  •  Newspaper 
  • Street distribution
  • Instore distribution

What information should be put on flyers?

  • title
  • Branded company logo
  • brief information on the goal of the flyers/ text/ detail
  • images and color
  • clear fonts and spacing
  • call to action (CTA)

Below I have compelled few images of flyers.

Flyer Printing Companies
Flyers Printing Designs
Flyer Printing Companies
Flyers Printing Designs
Flyer Printing Companies 2
Flyer Printing Companies

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