Everything you need to know about pull up banners

pull up banners

You could have been printing pull-up banners for your company, church, or school because they are necessary. Or you have been ordered to print them by your boss. Or the other way round. It doesn’t matter that much. If you are looking for full knowledge about pull-up banners, then you are at the right place.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you general knowledge about;

  1.  pull-up banners, 
  2. the printing process,
  3.  and everything that is associated with pull-up banners.

What Are Pull-up banners?

Pull-up banners are the most popular and portable type of banners. Those are easy to set up. They have a retractable pull-up graphic. And a unit that enables them to be rolled. They are also known as roller banners.

What Is Pull-up Banner Printing?

Pull-up banner printing is the use of wide-format printing to make high volumes on-demand or for sale.

Most people I have come across ask, ‘Are banners also flag?’ 

Banners and flags are different.

Banners and flags are both printed through the same technique (large format printing). They serve a similar purpose ( we are going to address this later). Hence most people think they are similar. A plage is a cloth or a woven fabric that is hanging on one pole while banners are materials( could be vinyl) hanging between two poles.

What Shape Is A Banner?

Banners are commonly found in a rectangular shape. That is hung horizontal and vertical. However, due to creativity, some banners are in triangle shapes, and many more.

Pull up banner sizes in South Africa.

Banner sizes may differ from region to region. And from business to business. The taste of a business’s customers and the goal that the business is trying to achieve influence banner printing sizes.

What is the standard size of a banner?

Banner sizes may differ from region to region. In South Africa, the most popular size is 2 x 0.85m. But pull-up banners can be decreased to a low height to ensure that there is enough visibility. Or they can be increased depending on the case.

What Is The Purpose of Pull up Banners?

  • Advertise new products. You can use a branded banner to announce an upcoming event that you are hosting, or notify customers about new products and many more.
  • Increase customer tariff. Especially if you put your pull-up banners.
  • Brand recognition. 

What are the advantages of using pull-up banners?

  • Easy to setup. With pull-up banners you don’t have to hire a company to set up the banner for you, you can do it for yourself.
  • ┬áCost-effective. Pull-up banners are cheap to print, and they are one of the cheapest ways to market.
  • Portability. Pull-up banners are portable. If you have street campaigns and many outdoor functions, they are an ideal option.
  • Durable. Banners are sturdy and durable. You can use them several times.

What Should Banners Include?

There is important information that should appear on banners so that they can carry an effective advertising plan.

This information includes:

  • fonts style
  • text( keep it simple and direct)
  • branded company logo
  • call to action
  • images/ graphics
  • color

How to make attractive pull-up banners

Make your text readable. Use good font sizes and enough spacing. This helps audiences that are far to read the information on your banner. People are too busy to notice your banner. This may sound like a fact but it is the truth. So whenever you design your banners, make sure they stand out.

Use high-quality images on your banners. High-quality images attract people to your banners. And always remember to use that to get along with your logo and the services you offer. At times images can explain the quality of the service you offer.

The location of your pull-up banners. The location of your banner determines if people will be able to see it.

Types of Pull up Banner Materials

  1. Vinyl 
  2. Dye
  3. Glossy

These are the common types of materials used for pull-up banners.

Pull-up banner prices range from printing companies to printing companies in South Africa. But in South Africa, the average pull-up banner printing price is 500 ZAR.

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