Our Diary Services



Looking for a diary with class? Well you have come to the right place, Proxel International printers certainly offers a fantastic range of diaries for you to choose from.  So our diaries come with different covers and variety of binding types you can choose from. So we most certainly delighted to help with designing and creating a diary that fits to your style and beyond the boards of the nation.

One can certainly benefit a lot from the diary printing its actually good advertising strategy, we do different kinds of methods most noteworthy is the notebook printing. The notebook has been so deeply integrated into our society that it has become an everyday advertising for people, an extension of life. Most people certainly spend most of their time staring into magazines. But we’re sure most of us have a notebooks lying so close by.

So if you want your brand to be seen, get it on a notebook. Not only will you associate your brand with practicality but most certainly get your brand to be known all over the world, these days people do not have time to watch television, They are mostly tired coming from work but with note pads they always have it with them where ever they go.

We certainly have the experience you need for your desired diaries. Most certainly we understand that diaries are a great marketing gift.  So we can make sure that your diaries give a wonderful impression. Hence Proxel International has amazing offers on personalized diaries. Our personalized business diaries can certainly be embossed with your logo depending on your preference. Above all ,Nobody does diaries better than Proxel International.



Types of Diaries:

Diary Custom Sizes

Standard Sizes

A wide variety on diaries in-store Pocket Size, A5, B5, A4

  • Pocket
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 5.8″ x 8.3″

Types of Diaries

  • Personal Diary
  • Corporate Diary
  • Executive Diary
  • Slim Diary
  • PDA Diary

Reliable Diary Services

Are you experiencing

  • Late deliveries on your orders
  • Poor quality diary services
  • Expensive personalised diaries
  • Expensive diaries
  • Unreliable diary printers
  • Expensive brand advertising platforms
  • Untrustworthy diary printers

Advanced Solutions And Services

  • Free & fast Diaries delivery
  • Unique Diary Services
  • Customers to appreciate you
  • To build permanent relationship with your customers
  • Affordable prices
  • High quality, durable printed diaries
  • Reliable personalised diaries
  • Full colour diary services
  • Easy ways to market and also advertise your company