How to choose the best poster printing company

For a minute, you need to know how many poster printing companies are in Johannesburg. The last time I checked, there were about thirteen thousand poster printing companies in Johannesburg. Therefore, making it daunting for customers to choose the best poster printing in Johannesburg.

In this article, I will teach you how to choose the best poster printing company in Johannesburg. And if you are not in Johannesburg, the facts that I am going to explore could be beneficial to you too.

Let’s start by taking a look at what are poster printing companies.

What are Poster printing companies?

Poster Printing Companies are companies that make or produce posters in high volume for on-demand.

What is On Demand.

On-demand means when a customer orders a batch of posters. Or when a company hires a printing company to handle their poster printing project.

Who uses printed posters?

  • Private businesses
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Public institutions like hospital and schools
  • Government institutions
  • retail shops

What is the purpose of posters?

Posters are all about communicating a message to the public or a targeted audience. This time we are going to discuss the importance of printed posters in business.

However, you should note that the importance of posters is first achieved by printing high-quality posters, that deliver relevant information to the type of audience (we will talk about this in detail later).

  • Poster are made to announce latest news like for example, upcoming trade sho events, sales reduction.
  • Posters are produced to educate the asses about, for example, Covid 19 pandemic
  • Posters relevant because they deliver messages fast and to a large group of people.
  • Posters have the power to mobilize people against for example an immoral act and injustice like sexual abuse
  • Poster alert people of tragedy for example drought and cyclones.

However, the above purposes of posters may seem irrelevant now that there is digital technology. And news travels fast with digital technology. But there is one problem with, social media news is less credible because most people use social media and search engines a their playground. Now, this is different with printed posters, they carry credible information and they have company logos.

How are posters printed?

Posters are made by poster printing companies through large format printing.

I will clarify.

What is large format printing?

Large Format printing is the production of projects that require specific printing equipment which will support larger printing projects such as posters.

How to choose the best Poster Printing Company

There are probably two ways (or probably 3) you are going to use to find the best poster printing companies in Johannesburg.

  1. The online method
  2. walking in and out of printing companies
  3. (Recommendation from a colleague)

I don’t want to lie to you. The other two ways are scary (i mean they absorb energy and are not trustworthy).

We will discuss the most preferable way of choosing a poster printing company, the online method.

When you are looking for a poster printing company, take a look at a few factors:

The reputation of the company.

The only way you can know the reputation of the printing company is to check its reviews. Take a look at what other companies or clients have to say about its services. Where they satisfied? Or were they not satisfied. What are the company services loopholes according to the previous clients?

Poster printing prices.

A preferable printing company offers affordable poster printing services. But beware some companies compromise quality in the name of offering cheap services.

The quality of posters.

You can access the samples of posters they print on their websites. 

The poster printing company turnaround time.

You wouldn’t like to wait for days and a week before they deliver your posters. An ideal poster printing company delivers between3 to 5 working days. 

Poster printing company near me

It is important to choose a poster printing company that is close to you. So that you can follow up with their office if necessary. And it shortens the delivery time.

Dear reader, always remember what you are trying to achieve with your posters before you pick a printing company. And to add on, remember what will keep your audience glued to your poster.

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