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Proxel international Printers is certainly the best 2020 Calendar Printing South Africa. Proxel International Printers believes that advertisements can certainly be done in so many different forms of printing which includes Calendar printing. In the corporate world, Calendar Printing in Johannesburg South Africa is most certainly a way of advertising and also gifting clients.  Therefore, desktop calendars, wall calendar with the company name are the best form of advertisement for companies. So we assist with all calendar printing needs in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and all over South Africa and International.

Proxel International Printers certainly Prints all types of calendars at high quality prints and also quick delivery.  We  print  desk planners, multi sheet calendars, Desktop calendars and also single sided calendars . Our calendar printing sizes starts from  A6,A5,A4,A3,A2,A1,A0 to any size of calendar that is requested for. Furthermore,  we provide the best photo graphic designs provided by our graphic designers to ensure that we give our best and attractive designs that can benefit our calendar printing clients. We most certainly leave our customers with no regrets whether its artwork or pictures, logos or simply a pretty image. we are most certainly here to deliver exactly what you want.

calendar Printing South Africa

Proxel International Printers also prints 2020 Calendar printing South Africa. Cheap calendar  printing, 2020 wall calendar printing, Wall calendar printing, Triangle Calendar Printing , 7 page calendar printing,  12 page tent calendar printing, desktop calendar printing, A2 desk pad and also planner calendar printing.

Specials 2020 Calendar Printing South Africa

2020 Triangle Tent Calendars
  • Gsm matte/gloss 100 copies from R11.99

Triangle calendar Printing

Triangle Calendars Full size 300mm x 150mm. 350gsm matt / gloss.100 = R 11.99

100R 11.99
300R 10.49
500R 9.99
5000R 4.99
1000R 6.99
2000R 5.99
7 page Tent Calendars
  • 170gsm matte/gloss with wiro binding on top
  • 100copies from R29.99each
  • Tent Calendars Full size 300mm x 150mm, 7pages + 1 cover. 200gsm matt / gloss.Finishing: wiro binding on top100 = R29.99
300R 17.99
500R 13.99
5000R 12.99
1000R 11.99
2000R 10.99
12 page Tent Calendar Printing

Tent Calendars full size 300mmx 150mm, 12 pager + cover, 200 gsm matte/ gloss

Finishing: wiro binding on top

1 00R21.99
3 00R14.99
5 00R13.99
5 000R 12.99
1 000R 11.99
2 000R 10.99
10 000R10.20

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